Rohin and Ria Garg

Rohin and Ria Garg originally got involved with THS after connecting with co-founder Dhruv Pai. 

   I immediately [told Dhruv that] I would love to help out and be a part of the organization, Rohin said. “I was inspired by the thought of helping those in need — not only in our community, but across the nation.

Similarly, Ria was inspired to get involved after seeing seniors at grocery stores. When I would go [shopping] with my family to get our own groceries, I would see seniors who would be accidentally brushed by other customers and the look of worry on their faces,Ria said.I decided that even if I could help one senior, I would be helping my community greatly.

Together, Rohin and Ria serve as Potomac leads and national and international coordinators.We arrange and conduct meetings with other teenagers interested in starting a chapter of THS in their own communities across the country,Rohin said. We have successfully established active chapters in Washington State, California, Virginia, and even Quebec!” 

For Rohin, it has been rewarding to see other teenagers inspired by THS. They see THS on the news and then they contact us because they want to start their own chapter,he said.It is rewarding to know that we are creating a movement across the country to help deliver necessities to those in need.

Rohin Garg getting ready to deliver groceries

For Ria, it has been rewarding to hear how the efforts of THS impact the seniors andhow safe and secure we’ve made the seniors feel after the delivery,she said.Every time I make a delivery, it never gets old hearing from the seniors or their children that we are teen heroes or a breath of fresh air.This has reminded and surprised Ria ofhow a small act of kindness can lead to so much comfort and gratitude.

Ria Garg dropping off groceries

It has also been enjoyable for the sibling duo to work together helping THS. Rohin and Ria believe this has been greatbecause [they] are able to coordinate [their] responses together and more conveniently,while eliminating miscommunication.

Outside of working together on THS, Rohin participates in track and tennis andloves working with others and being [part of] a team.Ria is a dancer, who has danced as a backup dancer for celebrities and even in front of the President of the United States.

Overall, Rohin has had a great experience volunteering for THS. I believe the best way to help yourself is by helping others and that’s exactly what THS does. It is our goal to help as many vulnerable seniors by buying and delivering groceries to their doorstep.

The importance of generosity is something that has resonated with Ria and her time with THS,in this current situation, I think that the best way to relieve anxiety is to be generous. I always believe that being generous and helping others has a reciprocating effect, and will result in a little less stress.She encourages anyone interested to join THS,we have positions open for everything and if you are uncomfortable going to the grocery store or your parents can’t take you, there are other positions available and any help is appreciated!

    A round of virtual applause for this sibling duo!

Rohin and Ria dropping off groceries

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Tom Patridge · June 1, 2020 at 11:04 pm

Kudos to you both and your wonderful group of volunteers. Thank you for all you do!

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