Senior Nancy Strauss and THS Volunteer Josh Wolfson

THS is so fortunate to be able to directly help members of our community. We had the chance to speak to senior Nancy Strauss who has been provided service by the original Montgomery County, MD THS chapter. 

Strauss originally learned about the services THS offers by perusing the website where she saw a post about THS and services available to senior citizens. I am a senior and have several health problems that would put me in a ‘vulnerable’ group for COVID-19,she explained. Strauss was not sure what to expect and not terribly comfortable initially,but after responding to the postsomeone from THS emailed me almost immediately and sounded very enthusiastic about what they did!” 

Strauss was put at ease by the feeling that THS was put together and so (seemingly) pleased to talk to [her] about the organization.

She exchanged information with THS about the list of groceries she needed and was assured by the THS health protocol of wearing gloves and masks while shopping. The individuals Strauss was in contact with at THS sounded very mature and the program sounded like it might work for me,she said. 

Strauss has most recently worked with volunteer Josh Wolfson. I could tell from his e-mails that he seemed mature, serious and would do a good job,she said.He has been doing my shopping for the past several weeks and I am very pleased. He is a delightful young man, takes the job seriously and is extraordinarily polite. He gets whatever I have on my shopping list and sometimes makes minor substitutions if necessary,she added.

Josh Wolfson delivering groceries

I think it’s really eye-opening seeing the real world impact one person can have, especially with THS. It’s special when you form a personal connection with someone like Mrs. Strauss, as she is so appreciative, and you realize how much this is helping,Josh Wolfson said.

Strauss worked for Montgomery County Public Schools for over 30 years and explained that her experiences with THS have continued to positively inform her strong relationship with children and the younger generation. As a grandmother and education professional, Strauss said I think [the younger generation] responds to my appreciation and respect for them. I [am] fortunate to be working with these students, even though the interaction with them is limited for me due to circumstance.

Overall, Strauss has had a “very positive experience” with THS. “I think any adult would welcome these young people into their lives in most any capacity,she affirmed.


Tia · June 1, 2020 at 10:56 pm

So refreshing to see teens doing such a great job! Keep it up!

Mark Anthony · June 1, 2020 at 10:58 pm

We need such youth as our leaders. Keep up the good work Josh Wolfson

Elisa Gomez · June 1, 2020 at 11:00 pm

Just read about your organization in the Post. Awesome job! Keep it up, thank you to the volunteers. You are our hero…

Chad Pollack · June 13, 2020 at 8:40 am

I know this kid! Great job and keep serving. This will go a long way in your life!

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