12-year-old volunteer Tavishi Sinha from Texas has created an app “Teens Helping Seniors Delivery App” for THS to track deliveries for volunteers. 

Tavishi, whose grandparents were living with her in March, joined THS and was inspired to develop this app to improve the way deliveries are tracked and processed. A volunteer using the app can easily update their delivery status by flipping a switch on/off.

I had prior experience with coding and that helped me get started,” Sinha said. “I learned a lot as I was developing the app.” Sinha started by identifying how the creation of an app could augment gaps in the current delivery system. She then planned to use Flutter to code the app and Dart, Java, Kotlin, and JavaScript code. The app is currently published on Google Play Store as a test version and Sinha continues editing and improving it.

“I have always been interested in computer science, and I discovered app development recently,” Sinha noted. “I became interested in app creation because I use apps all the time, and I thought it was really cool to be able to create my own app.”

Sinha hopes to continue working on the app, adding a feature that allows volunteers to track when they are on their way to make a delivery, automatic volunteer to delivery matching, and a senior view. 


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