Comments from the people we serve

A Big Blessing deserves A Big Thank You and that is just the reason I want to write you this note. I was so surprised that I was going to be receiving much needed groceries. When the groceries were delivered at my door, I saw two teenagers wiping down the bags before I would even bring them inside. You both practice the guidelines set out by our local county officials. I have recently been in the hospital and am struggling very much with daily pain. I am so grateful to continue to receive groceries and necessities from the two of you. I have to add it is amazing to see teenagers such as yourselves helping those in need during the crisis our Country is facing in this terrible pandemic.
Marie C.
Gaithersburg, MD
"Everything was perfect… you guys are GREAT!!!!!!"
Diane M.
Potomac, MD
"Jacob delivered everything including homemade cookies, you guys are amazing, I am so impressed! I will recommend you to all my senior friends. I would like you to do our shopping once a week from now on!"
Regula G.
Potomac, MD
“You are such a trooper. Thank you for the weekly delivery of the groceries. This is a wonderful service for this area”
Bon L.
Potomac, MD
"I contacted them and they responded immediately and quickly put together a designated group to serve me and others in my building. We have all tremendously benefited from their efforts... It is so nice to see kids with big hearts helping their communities during this crisis. This is very unusual to find in these times when many of the kids we see prefer to sit around and play games on their phones."
David B.
N. Bethesda, MD
I'm in the high risk category -- Over 70 years old, and although fully cancer-free now, lost a portion of my lung during cancer surgery a couple of years ago. My doctor has told me not to go anywhere beyond my apartment building. I'm a grandmother, but my children and grandchildren live across the country, so can't shop for me. There's a lot of tension, negativity, fear, and division in the world and in the news these days. You and your group are one of the shining lights of goodness, and are showing the people-helping-people spirit at the foundation of our country.
Jane J.
N. Bethesda, MD